Saturday, December 19, 2015

'Twas the Day Before Christmas Break!

Last Wednesday, we had our party/rotations using my "Twas the Day Before Christmas Break" activity pack.  It was a HUGE SUCCESS!  I will never go back to a regular party after this.  This was super organized, low-key, and FUN!  If you are still working into this upcoming week, I highly recommend this pack to save your SANITY!

I had 5 parent volunteers come in.  I had a mom and a dad run the cookie decoration, a grandma run the reindeer station, a dad run Christmas BINGO, a mom run the friendship notes, and I ran the literacy and Math games.  I love being organized, so the night before, I had everything into containers and organized.  I tried to think of EVERY POSSIBLE MATERIAL each station would need.  I put my kids into groups and had them wear colored hair ties so everyone would know which group they were in.  This also helped the adults.

 Writing friendship notes:

 Playing Christmas BINGO:
 Reindeer Craft & Food:

 Writing and decorating a cookie:
 Playing holiday games:



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The hairbands are a great idea! At first I thought you put them in their hair and I wanted to see a picture of the boys, LOL. My team teacher came up with an idea to do punch cards of each station and they rotated the stations in order. Well, actually, we used sticker stars not punches, but same difference. We did academic fun stations too. It just works out great. Your pack looks great!

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