Friday, April 24, 2015

5 for Friday

Happy Friday, friends!  Hope you had a great week!  I sure did!  I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for another 5 for Friday!  Here we go!

I posted "Vowel Teams Jeopardy" last weekend!  There are actually 2 games included, so that all vowel teams are covered.  Click below to check it out.  You can always get the Phonics Jeopardy Bundle, which includes: cvc, magic e, vowel teams, blends, digraphs, and bossy r.  I'm going to add one more game to it and then the price will go up.  You may want to snag it before the price increases!

We had a lot of fun learning about Earth day and ways to care for the Earth this week!  Some of the fun things we did are shown below.  We loved making Miss Kindergarten's Earth Day craft, doing writing and centers from my Hooray for Earth Day pack, playing an Earth Day board game from Teaching with Love and Laughter, and watching and reading The Lorax.

I may have visited Orange Leaf twice this week.  Or possibly three times.  Not sure.  But it was excessive.  Do you have one near you?  Stay far, far away!  It's addicting!  *Sidebar: Let's notice that I was wearing shorts and a tee one day and later in the week, a sweater with a COAT.  Ohio weather=awesome and unpredictable.

I am having a #teacherwishlist linky party.  Click HERE to see what I have on my wish list for the upcoming school year!  You can write your own post and link up, too!

I treated myself to a pedicure on Monday after school.  Mainly b/c my toes needed painted and I didn't feel like doing it.  #purelaziness #teachertired  #endofyearisdraining  {Don't look at my forklift foot...Honey Boo Boo, anyone?}.  I had surgery on my left big toe last summer.  I hate that my big toes aren't symmetrical anymore}.

Have a super weekend!!


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