Tuesday, February 17, 2015

TpT Helpful Hints

Hi, friends!  Today I thought I'd take some time and dedicate a post with some helpful TpT hints.  I know that when I first started purchasing things on TpT, I didn't have a clue as to what I was doing! As time went on, I slowly figured out some tricks and important things.  Below are a few tips to make your TpT experience easier!

1.  Downloading Revisions to Purchased/Free Products: It's important to remember that TpT creations are made by people, and people make mistakes.  Even though we the sellers edit our products, things get missed.  When someone brings an error to our attention, we are usually quick to fix it and upload a "revision" to our product.  You can tell if a product has a revision by going into your "MY PURCHASES" section of your TpT account.  Scroll through and see if anything says "Newly Revised Re-Download" in red.  If this is the case, you'll want to re-download the product and replace it with the old file you've already downloaded.  Sometimes the seller will leave a comment below the red font about what they did to revise the product.  I always look at those to see if I really need the newly revised product or not.  Although revisions are oftentimes made for errors, they are also made when sellers give their older products face-lifts!  You don't want to miss out on extra pages/activities that were added and/or updated graphics.  I always recommend checking your account for revisions.  I go through and check mine about once a month.

2.  Leaving Feedback: We sellers are very conscious of the product feedback we receive.  I read every.single.feedback.comment.that.I.receive.  I love hearing what other teachers think of my products.  I also am always welcome to constructive feedback.  My products evolve and I take tips from other classroom teachers on ways to improve.  Although it takes a little extra time, consider leaving thoughtful feedback.  While leaving a :) or a "thanks" is quick and easy, it's not very thoughtful.  I really enjoy hearing how you use the product in your classroom!  I always tick the "Email me when the seller responds" box just in case someone writes me back.

4.  Always Download Previews: It is important to download a preview for a product you are considering purchasing.  Many times, the preview will show you exactly what you are purchasing.  If not, it will show you some examples of included things.  The preview usually gives you a glimpse of the sellers' work.  It is also very important to read the full product description before purchasing something.  Sometimes sellers get feedback that say things like, "Not what I expected" or "Not going to work for 2nd grade."  Most sellers are very careful about adding grade levels and descriptions of exactly what's included.  Skipping over reading the description could cost you money.

3.  Feedback=Credits=Free Money: Did you know that each time your purchase something and leave feedback, you are earning credits to TpT?   These credits turn into dollars!  You get 1 credit per $ spent on TpT.  Every 100 credits is worth $5.00.  To see how many credits you have, click on "MY TPT" on the top right corner of your home page {once logged in}.  Under "MY ACCOUNT," it will say "TPT CREDIT BALANCE."

I hope these tips make your TpT experience a little easier!  What other things would you like to know about TpT?  Leave your questions below if you have any!



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