Tuesday, February 10, 2015

How-To Writing

Hooray!  We finally started our non-fiction writing!  With all of our snow days, delays, holidays, and waiver days, it's been rough to get through the lesson plans!  Non-fiction writing is one of my favorite units to teach.  Poetry is my #1 but this is a close second!  I always begin with how-to because it's easier and kids feel very confident and successful with it!  Here's a bit of what we've been doing!

Introduction of unit:  Looking through/discussing real-world examples of following directions {game directions, signs, recipes, etc...}, scaffolding students by telling how-to directions aloud with task cards, watching a BRAIN POP JR. and webbing things we know how to do.

As we moved through the unit, we wrote a How-To piece together, specifically "How to make a Valentine."  After we completed it, we made Valentine cards to give another class in our building. Very fun!  We also completed a "How to Come to the Rug" how-to together...a nice little refresher this time of year!!!  We also continued to tell how-to stories aloud using our sequence connector words.

Tomorrow we'll be making an anchor chart together and beginning our own stories!  Can't wait!  To check out my non-fiction writing pack, click below.  I also have a unit that is all "How-To" stories by holiday/theme.  Snag a freebie for now {"How to Make a Dirt Cup Snack"}!  Happy Writing!



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