Saturday, January 24, 2015

MLK Jr. Day

We spent some time last week learning all about MLK Jr.  My kids are always so intrigued {and shocked}  by MLK and pre-civil rights times.  We began our study with an egg experiment.  I've seen this on Pinterest forever but never have done it in class.  I decided this year I would try it.  I bought brown and white eggs.  I took one of each to school.  We observed/discussed how the eggs looked on the outside and began our recording sheet that I found from Little Warriors blog.  Next, we cracked the eggs to see how they looked on the inside.  We colored our recording sheets accordingly.

I then asked the kids, "How are the eggs like people?"  With some re-wording, they were able to explain to me that even though people look different on the outside, they are the same on the inside. We wrote our response on our papers.  This was a great opening activity for our study on MLK Jr.

Throughout the week, we read books about MLK Jr, watched a Brain Pop Jr., did some factual writing together about MLK Jr.'s life, and made a puppet.  The kids were so cute with the puppets-they were using them to say things that MLK Jr. said.  My teammate found the puppet here.

I was pleased with the activities I found/completed to help my little ones understand how the world was long before they were born.

**2016 UPDATE: CLICK BELOW TO GET MY MLK JR. LITERACY PACK*** It's a great resource to have!

Have a nice weekend!


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Really cute idea with the eggs. =)

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