Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Math Mish-Mash & Freebies!

Hello!  As I was looking through photos from before winter break, I came across quite a few Math ones.  I figured I would whip up a post to share what we've been doing in Math!  I will first start by saying that we are "piloting" Go Math.  At first I was super annoyed b/c I liked how I had taught Math prior...using Everyday Math and incorporating tons of games and Math tubs with it.  Now, it seems like we are doing constant workbook pages, which I hate.  I've tried to slow down and incorporate fun things within it but then I feel "behind" my team and/or other first grade teachers in the district.  #teacherproblems  I have managed to get a little better at it, which makes me happy!  I have about 1 hour for Math.  We do Math right after our read aloud in the afternoon {after recess}. To see my morning schedule click here.  To see my afternoon schedule click here.

We learned about using a 10-frame as a tool for addition.  These free 10-frames are available here from my friend Jen and you can get them here.  I love my gigantic 10-frames!  They are magnetic...So perfect for whole-group lessons.  I wish the colors of the chips matched, but oh well! These are from Learning Resources and you can find them here.

We learned about doubles facts.  I showed Harry Kindergarten's youtube video every day for several days.  The kids love it so much each year!

I found these great doubles 'cheat sheet' cards on TpT here.  They worked out as great references for doubles games.

We played a few doubles games.  This one below is from my "Math Games on the Fly" pack.  I love this pack b/c the games can be quickly printed out and used in class immediately. No need to laminate/cut!   Click here for a freebie from the pack!!!

We also played this frog doubles game, which you can find here.

We began working on 3-addend addition using these mats and game from Susan at TGIF.  She has a great little pack which you can find here.

Because we were learning about holidays around the world, we did this fun 3-addend/poinsettia scoot that you can snag for free here.

And as always, we did some exit slips from my "Math Exit Slips" volume 1 and volume 2 packs! Love having these at my fingertips!!  These are great for a quick check!

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LOVE the Math on the Fly Games and the math exit tickets-well worth the money!!!!

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