Monday, November 3, 2014

Guided Reading Resources

Hi everyone!  I hope you had an enjoyable weekend!  Today's post is about my latest product, my Guided Reading Resources.  We didn't start our guided reading groups until 2nd quarter this year and I must say that I loved doing it.  It gave the students time to get re-acclimated to school and gave me a chance to get the procedures down, particularly during center time.  I had mentioned in previous posts that I do not run reading groups during center time.  I never did until NOW.  I have such a wide range of levels this year and it's been really hard to find time to meet with everyone, so I ended up starting a group during centers.  This has been going fairly well, seeing as how I spent the first 9 weeks floating and reviewing behaviors/expectations for center time.  Now the kids just KNOW to do what they are supposed to.  They also know that I will be one unhappy teacher if I have to stop my group to deal with a behavior situation.  My students have become problem-solvers {I spent a LOT of time teaching/practicing/modeling this as well}.  They ask others if they aren't sure what to do during centers, rather than interrupting my group to ask me.

I run two groups per day.  One group is done during centers and one during quiet reading time.  I plan on adding a third group during my two computer lab blocks Monday/Wednesday, as well.  Each group is about 25 minutes.

I wanted to brush up on my guided reading knowledge, since my district offers no professional development for us for anything.  So, earlier in the year, I read The Next Step In Guided Reading by Jan Richardson and found a lot of new information.  I also re-read parts of other guided reading books that I own.  I use my "Guided Reading Skills by Level" booklet that I created to form my lesson plans for my groups each week.  I get all materials ready and copied and into two drawers of my 10-drawer cart near my guided reading table.  I also keep all of my "Differentiated Graphic Organizers" in files on top of my cart because I use them each week.  I have to be super organized because I want to make the most of my groups.

I vary my activities each day but there are a few activities that are consistent day-to-day, such as sight word review for both groups and letter sound review {for my lower group}.  I use a lot of resources from my new product, "Guided Reading Resources" to get me through my groups each week.  The pack is full of resources {not lesson plans} to help you run groups in your room.  Planning pages, organization tips, parent letters, basic phonics tools, comprehension tools, and more to help make planning easier and your groups more effective.  This will be on sale through Wednesday, November 5th. Click the cover to take a peek!

My kids are coming along in our little groups although it's only been 2 weeks!  How do you do guided reading in your room?

Rhyming Activity from my Rhyming Pack

To see my center resources, click HERE.

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This unit looks amazing!!

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One of my favorite things to do when I start a guided reading group is play Rivet. It is a way for me to "feed" unknown words to my students, talk about the vocabulary word and teach phonics all within the word. :) Your unit looks great...and pictures are very vivid! :)

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