Monday, October 20, 2014

Simple CvC Activities

I like to always have a CvC center included each week--especially at the beginning of the year.  I created some CvC flash cards to use for centers as well as instruction.  Below are some ideas for how to use these in your room!

Magna Doodle Practice-Put out a stack {or all} of the cards with some magna doodles and let kids practice writing the words!  This has been a fun center in my room!  I have large and small magna doodles.  I like to use the large for this because I ask the students to write each word 4 times.  To check out magna doodles online, click HERE.

Races-I do these in guided reading a lot.  Hold up a card, and the first person to correctly decode it gets to keep it!  Winner has the most cards at the end!  The kids get obsessed with this game!  Great practice!

Spin-a-Vowel-Put a stack of the cards out, face up.  Students take turns spinning a vowel spinner and selecting a card that matches the vowel they spun.  They must read the word and make up a sentence with it.  They can keep the card if they stretch it correctly.  To snag a spinner, just click HERE.

"Secret Password"-Put the cards on a ring and ask each child to read one of the words as they enter the classroom in the morning.  I like to flip to a new word for each child so they aren't just copying what the child in front of them said.

These are just a few ways I use my cards.  I also have sight word and silent e flashcards.  How would you use them?  To snag these cards, click below!  There are 66 pages included, with 4 words to a page!  



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Great ideas! Easy to prep and still tons of fun!

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