Saturday, September 20, 2014

Homework Club-A Bright Idea

Hi everyone and welcome to yet another "Bright Ideas Blog Hop!"  My post today is about "The Homework Club."  I started this because I wanted to make my kids more accountable for turning in their homework.

To make my "Homework Club,"  I purchased a set of popcorn themed cutouts.  I laminated them and put magnet strip pieces on the backs of them.  I put the set on the front of my desk {I'm all about utilizing every inch of the room!}.  I chose popcorn because I have a circus theme in my classroom. Each day, I quickly check in the kids' homework.  I let them know who didn't turn it in and they give me the reason why.  I check in homework with a simple checklist and check marks.  If a student doesn't bring their homework, I put a circle in the box.  I also remove their magnet from the front of my desk.  They are then out of the homework club until the next quarter.  I reset it each quarter to give everyone an opportunity to earn the club rewards.  At the end of the quarter, the remaining kids will vote on a reward and we'll celebrate together during lunch time.  They typically choose a treat of some sort, or eating lunch in my room.

The kids had a week to practice returning their homework before it "counted" as part of the Homework Club.  I sent a little note home about how the Homework Club works.  We began this past week.  I already have a few who are "out" for this quarter, but I bet not many more will forget their homework!

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