Friday, August 8, 2014

Back to School Goods

I think it is vital that students have access to the resources they need in the classroom.  This includes labels, the word wall, seasonal vocab, and Math materials.  I created some fun name tags and number grids for use on students' desks.  There are both editable and non-editable name tags included.  Just print, laminate, and tape down!  Click the cover to take a look at the preview!

I also created "Transportation Tags" to keep my littles safe the first few days of school.  Just attach the labels to their book bags and if they get lost, an adult or older student can see exactly where they need to be. Perfect for the end of the day chaos!

example page 
And while you are checking out the above, snag this little forms freebie from my store!  5 forms to keep 'ya organized!  I use these forms in my teacher binder!



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