Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Back to School Centers

We've been back at it for a week and a half now and I'm slowly moving into some curriculum and working towards our daily schedule.  One of the first things I like to start at the beginning of the year is centers.  I do both Literacy and Math centers.  You can read more about them here and here.  I devote 20 minutes a day to each and the kids and I both love them!  I spiral my center activities, meaning I only put things in centers that include concepts I've taught already.  I want the kids to be independent during this time, so it's crucial that the activities I select are ones that they are familiar with.  I start the year with my "Back to School BBQ" centers.  It has very simple skills included in it, such as beginning sounds, number order, color & number words and lots more.  I start out by grouping children heterogeneously and observe them to see how well they can work together.  After a week, I make changes to the groups, depending on what I notice in terms of behavior and academic level.  I really try to mix my high students with those that need more help.  Peer coaching is a great thing!

Below is the picture that will take you to my shop to check out this center pack.

To get all of my centers bundled and at a discounted price, click below.

I'm so excited to start centers soon!



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