Thursday, March 6, 2014

RentBack & Operation Smile=Win!

Hi everyone!  Today I am here to share an awesome website/service with you!  It's called and is brought to you by the great minds at  If you are like me and love to read books to further your knowledge and keep your teaching up to date, you're going to love this site!  If you are a student teacher and/or a college student, you will also love this site!

We all know how expensive books can be, and once you buy them you feel stuck with them forever!  The buyback price is a joke, so you really cringe when you sell your old books back.  RentBack has created a system where you get paid every time someone wants to borrow your old books!

Here's how it works:  You go to and type in the name of the book that you have. Then you print out a free shipping label and ship the books to RentBack.  They will make your books available for others to rent.  Once your books are rented, you make money!  Guess what?  Your books keep getting rented over and over again!  Isn't that great!?

Here are a few answers to some questions that you may be wondering...

Do I have to keep the books in perfect condition while I am borrowing them from the site?
  • NO!  You can highlight in your books.
Can I keep the book{s} longer if I need to?
  • YES!  RentBack is flexible with their renting periods.
Do I have to pay for shipping?
  • NO!  Free shipping each way! 
Will I save money using the site?

  • OF COURSE!  You will save an average of 40-90%  off bookstore prices.  
Just when you think you've heard it is the BEST NEWS!  RentBack donates to Operation Smile each time someone rents a book.  What a great thing!  Do you know about Operation Smile?  It's an international, volunteer-based medical charity that provides reconstruction surgery and medical care for children born with facial deformities such as cleft palate or lip.  

So what are you waiting for?  Go look through your textbooks.  NOW!  And help a great organization while you are at it.

I was contacted by Campus Book Rentals and asked to do a review of their site.  I was compensated for this.


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