Thursday, November 7, 2013

Even and Odd

Even and odd is a valuable skill for young students to learn.  It can be tricky, but if they have a good number sense foundation and can count by 2's, it's much easier!!!  As I reflected back to how I taught this concept in years past, it seemed so boring!  The way that I introduce it is still pretty fun, though!  I have kids come up to the front of the room, first just one child.  I ask if he has a partner and they say "no."  I tell them that 1 is odd. I continue this on through 10.  It keeps them engaged and helps them learn about this concept.  I also got a Brain Pop Jr. subscription this year and they have a great even/odd video clip on there.  This year, I added a poster from this fabulous pack I found on TpT, by "Bright Concepts 4 Teachers."

I am seriously obsessed with this set!  It has so many fun and minimal-prep activities!  We did the "If the Shoe Fits" sort, the "Odd and Even Buddies,"  several of the worksheets, and will be doing the pocket book sort as a center very soon!  This pack definitely made learning about even and odd numbers much more fun!



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Thanks so much for the shout out Megan! I am thrilled you love the activities and it looks like your kiddos had a blast making their even and odd buddies. Enjoy making your sort books. I hope your kids are on their way to mastering even and odd!
Bright Concepts 4 Teachers

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