Monday, November 18, 2013

BOB Books!

Hi!  I'm here tonight to tell you about another giveaway!  Remember that this is the second giveaway this week!  There will be two more to come!  I am super-pumped about tonight's post because it's all about literacy!

Recently, I had the chance to check out some BOB Books.  Are you familiar?  I had heard of them but never had any of my own.  BOB Books were created long ago by a teacher named Bobby Lynn in Oregon.  I loved reading about how she hand-drew the graphics in the books using inspiration from dolls she had.

I was so excited to get my books and check them out!  I got the rhyming pack and have been using them with my level C-E readers during guided reading.  They are small and fit perfectly into the hands of young children.  The simplicity of these easily-decodable books made them a big hit with my 1st graders!  I think they were all shocked that they could decode just about every word!  They also loved that they were reading books with word families that we've already learned.   The book set came with rhyming word puzzles {which I wasn't expecting!} which are great reinforcement after reading the books.

I am seriously obsessed with these books and can't wait to try more!  I want them all for my classroom! Would you like to win a set for YOUR classroom?  Enter the Rafflecopter below for a chance!  Winner announced Friday, November 22nd.  

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