Sunday, August 18, 2013


Whew!  Is it summer yet!?

I am beat.  BUT...I have enough energy to tell you about the sale! The TPT Back to School Sale starts today and runs through tomorrow.  I am marking everything in my store 20% off and if you enter code BTS13 at checkout, TpT will give you an extra 10% off!

Here are some things that you may like to start your school year:

1.  Back to School Snapshot: This is a fantastic resource for the beginning of the year.  It's assessments for Math and Literacy.  I made it for first grade but it is easily adaptable for EOY kinders or second graders in RTI.

2. Under the Big Top: Circus-themed Centers is one of my favorite center packs and I just made it last week!  I am so excited about using it at the beginning of the year.  The centers in it are basic enough to be done at the beginning of the year.  I also love that it's not "holiday specific," so I can use it anytime this year! I'll be using it for centers and reading groups.

3.  Up next: Back to School BBQ Centers: This little gem was something that I made last year and updated it by adding a lot to it this summer.  It's perfect for back to school time or anytime of the year!  Like the circus centers, it's non-holiday themed! 

4. Next up is one of my most favorite products!  It's my classroom library organization system! I am obsessed.  It works like a charm for every year!  Label your containers of books and label the inside with a matching sticker!  I have 3 color choices for you to choose from.

5. Data, data, data! I love using data binders with my first graders.  This system has been working like a charm for me for 8 years!  Click here to read about how I use them in my room! 

6.  Next is my Makin' Memories Yearlong Scrapbook.  I seriously love this product!  It took me awhile to get my ideas down and create it but man, was it worth it!  Just have your students complete one page per month and at the end of the year, they will have a memory book to take home!  I can't wait to use this with my kids this year!!!

7.  Up next is my Sentence Editing Bundle!  It meets the requirements of the Language Standard of the CCSS.  My kids had a blast doing these last year!  They really took their time and the room was always SUPER quiet during sentence edit time.  Click here to see how I used them in my classroom last year.

8. Last up is a product I am probably most proud of!  It has taken a year to compile but it's a good one!  A year's worth of writing instruction.  Opinion, Narrative, Expository, How-To, Revising, Writing for Others, and MORE!  This sets up your writing instruction for the entire year with detailed mini-lessons, supply lists, assessment, paper templates, posters, and more.  I have a TON of blog posts showing how I use these units in my room!  

I'm heading to TpT now to look through my wish list!  Oh, and I'll be providing feedback on previous purchases!  I want to get my credits to use towards my sale purchases!  Don't forget to do the same!  Have fun!

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