Thursday, February 28, 2013

Spring Conferences

Do you have conferences in the spring?  I am curious to know.  In my elementary building, we have only fall conferences.  We have spring conferences by teacher request...basically just a parent meeting updating progress.

Back in the fall, I shared my conference pack product with my readers.  Many people have told me how valuable it was, which is why I wanted to re-post about this product.  It's full of organizational forms, student documents, and a sweet treat idea!  Be sure to check out this pack!  Several editable pages are included.  I also have a fully editable set available as well!

Fun parent gift included! 



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The packet looks neat. We also have a self eval that we have the kiddos complete, but your looks cuter. We have our p/t conf next week. We have spring break right after that.

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