Tuesday, February 26, 2013

How-to and All-About Writing

We are knee-deep in our non-fiction writing!  Early last week, we finished up "How-to" (pictures shown below) and late last week we began "All-About." Non-fiction writing has always been a part of my first grade classroom.  I have always felt that it's an important concept to teach. How-to writing gives children the opportunity to practice their sequencing skills.  Sequencing directly impacts reading comprehension.   All About writing allows students to "show what they know" about a specific topic as well as gives them a the opportunity to begin learning about the important skill of research.  Below are some photographs of what we've been up to! *Excuse the cloudy photos.  Stupid me took my phone out of it's case and now.........the camera lens is scratched.  Yuck.

We began by browsing books of interest...then  brainstorming topics and completing covers.

Today, we move onto diagrams and labeling!  For all paper templates, ideas, and organizers, check out my pack above.  Be sure to download the preview once at my store.  It's been a top seller of mine for almost a year now!  This pack is on sale for the next 24 hours!  Just for my followers!


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