Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Teacher Binder Freebie!

Over the years, I have had a teacher binder, but it only had a few things in it.  I seem to do better with a clipboard.  This year, I thought I would use this for a week and then give up per usual and use my clipboard try to keep a "teacher binder!"  I made these pages for my binder and thought I would share them with you for free! Below are a few of the pages that are in the pack.  Please leave feedback at my tpt store.  If you aren't a follower of my store yet, please follow. Thanks!  Click on any picture below to download!


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Hey Girl! I'm a new follower. I saw your silent e wand post from pinterest and created a freebie! I linked your blog on my post! :) Thanks for the great idea!


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