Sunday, May 27, 2012

Monthly Organization Tips

Happy Memorial Day, friends!  Have you accumulated TONS of games, printables, and crafts due to blogging? Are you overwhelmed with how to store them? Files everywhere, games in 10 different places?  I wanted to share what I do with you to hopefully make your life easier!  I have 5 file box tubs (found here) that each house 2 months worth of "stuff" (Aug/Sept, Oct/Nov, etc...).  For now, having 2 months in one works for me.   Each box has hanging file folders that are labeled.  Inside the hanging file folders are all reproducibles, crafts, etc...Then, I have gallon ziplock bags that are labeled for all art projects.  I even have my themed Math tub items in labeled files as well.  This makes weekly planning and Math tub planning a breeze!  I hope this will inspire you to get more organized.  Work smarter, not harder!


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YES! Story of my life!!! Thanks for sharing the organizational tips! I'm hoping the summer will bring some organization to my life. :)

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