Thursday, March 8, 2012


What kid doesn't love a good game!? Especially when they're reviewing skills and don't even know it!  I used this game, Centerpiece with my kids yesterday to review equivalent names.  You can use this activity for virtually any skills you want students to practice.

Directions for Name-Collection Boxes Centerpiece:

  • Get some construction paper and put various numbers at the top (one number per sheet)--I did 3 different pages per small group
  • Put the kids into small groups or partnerships
  • Set a timer for a few minutes
  • Students take turns grabbing a piece of paper and adding an equivalent name.  Each student must always have a paper in front of them and be writing. 

*I have my students put their initials under what they wrote, so I can use the pages as a quick assessment.

Hope you enjoy! 


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