Monday, November 28, 2011

Sight Words

Did anyone get the $3.88 games this past weekend?  Walmart and Target were both offering them.  I always get a couple new games this time of year.  Lord knows the kids beat the crap out of them. enjoy playing them so much, that they wear them down.

Here is an idea for your "shabby" Candy land game that you just hate to throw away:

Write a sight word (or 2) depending on the type of card (one color square or two).  Students play Candy land the typical way, but must first say the sight word correctly in order to move to the corresponding color.  I also did this with my Checkers board my very first year of teaching! I thought it was genius 9 years ago and it still works like a charm today!

14 days and counting until Christmas break!!!!!!!!!!


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Yep! I got 2 of them! I was so excited!!!
First Grade Delight

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