Sunday, May 1, 2011

How-to Writing

One of Lucy's units of study is non-fiction.  To begin this unit, we do a how-to writing all together as a class. Then, I ask students to write their own how-to (they are given the same topic: how to build a snowman).  Although they all have the same topic, their stories vary greatly, as their perceptions of how to make a snow man are much different. 

Once they finish their pieces, I let them paint their snowman.  They look at their writing for a reference, and have to be sure to include everything they talked about in their how-to book.  If you would like to see more of how I incorporate how-to writing into my classroom, check out my Non-fiction Writing pack from TpT!  I also have a "How-to Writing Through The Holidays" pack that has how-to ideas for each holiday! Click the product pictures below to take a peek!


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We're just about to start how to's after the holidays. Thanks for your great ideas.

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