Wednesday, January 19, 2011


For the past week and a half, we've been studying adjectives.  To begin our study, I read Many Luscious Lollipops.  Next, through a shared writing activity, I had students visualize the most delicious lollipop they could think of.  They gave me one describing word that came to mind when they thought about their lollipop.  I recorded their responses on a chart paper, and let me tell you--they came up with some AWESOME ADJECTIVES!!   I passed out the "Luscious Lollipops" writing paper.  Students were to choose three adjectives to describe lollipops.  I guided them through this.  They first had to think of how many lollipops they would eat, next, choose an adjective from our poster to describe how they would taste, and last a flavor or color.  Finally, everyone got a Blow-Pop (note the little gal chillaxin' at her desk!)! And I even let them chew the gum in school (shhh!)

A great read--pretty detailed towards the end, so I pick and choose pages to read.

Luscious lollipop writing

Describing a lollipop
Another activity we did were self-portraits (my close-up picture didn't upload-sorry!).  Students drew themselves and then used adjectives to describe themselves.  They had pre-printed cards.  Examples: ____hair    _____eyes    ______pants  ______top
I had a printout from a book for them, but you could easily make your own little cards. 


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I love love that series of books- perfect for expanding your vocabulay :)


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