Monday, November 22, 2010

Gobble, Gobble

We've been spending so much time on the important content of Thanksgiving/history, we haven't had much time for 'turkey' projects.  Today for writing workshop, students created lists of four things they will eat on Thanksgiving.  They also created lists of four things they hope to do on Thanksgiving.  (Yeppers, you saw it right...Victoria B. will be eating some alligator meat and some 'batatoes.)  Download the writing template here and here.

For an afternoon art project (that I started at 1:35...thank god for my blessing of a student teacher), we made these cute turkeys! First, we drew and painted brown circles.  Next, we watercolor painted stripes on white paper.  The kids cut their feathers from the rainbow watercolor paper.  Last they added a head, beak, gobble and some FUN google eyes! These will make great decorations for their holiday gatherings at home!


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