Sunday, November 22, 2020

Sunday 6 November 22


Welcome to another "Sunday 6," where I share 6 random things from my week.  Enjoy!  
My kids have been working hard on subtraction for Math.  We practiced subtraction sentences with chips before we began doing much else.  I think it's so important to teach kids Math skills in a concrete manner first!  We played "Race to the Snacks," a board game, which can be found HERE.  My class loves "Wander and Write" so we did the easiest version of that activity (4 levels included for differentiation).  Grab it HERE.

We read Leaf Man and created a cute Leaf Man craft.  Grab the craft HERE and the book will be linked at the end of my post...perfect for anytime in Fall!

Here is November's Kindergarten Crate box!  KC is a monthly subscription for teachers.  It's available for grades pre-k through 2nd.  I get the 1st grade box each month.  Use code "WHEELER" at checkout to save $$$.  Such a fun surprise every month!  Also makes a great Christmas or birthday gift!

I have centers up and running this year, even in our hybrid model!  I have it set to where only 1 child is at a center at a time.  I'm mostly using my "LEVEL 1 FUNDATIONS PHONICS" centers games, which you can find HERE.  However, I sprinkle a few other activities in as well, such as the rhyming pack shown below.  Grab it HERE.  

In addition to centers, my kids have also been doing "free time bags."  These activities are for fun and help build problem solving, reasoning, and fine motor skills.  Read about them HERE.  Below is a fun activity that's in one of the bags.  See other, fun activities for the bags by clicking HERE for my Amazon shop (affiliate link).   

I'm introducing the Commutative Property the day we get back to school after break so I crated a little game to go with it.  It's called "Switcheroo."  The name goes perfectly with how I introduce this concept!  Grab the game HERE.



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