Sunday, August 4, 2019

Sunday 6 August 4

 Hey friends!  I'm back with another Sunday 6!  I've been busy getting things ready for back to school (waaahhh) so today's post will be mostly school-related!  Enjoy!
I created my kids' birthday gifts last week.  In the past, I've done birthday bags, but this year I decided to switch things up with these fun straws!  You can grab the straws by clicking below *affiliate link* and I have also linked the labels for you.  These make a cute display and a great little gift!  I'm going to let the kids choose a straw when it's their special day.

Mr. Wheeler and I hit up a Reds game last week.  We arrived to the stadium super early so we went to a cool taco place and got drinks/chips/queso before.  The Reds won, and we had a great night!

I recently received a box from Shop O Venture.  In case you aren't familiar with them, they are known for their beautiful "Big O Ring" key rings.  The key rings are so amazing because they free up your hands for carrying ALL THE THINGS!  I know that I am guilty of loading up my bags so that I only have to make one trip from the car into the house or school!  I also love that this key ring eliminates digging through my purse for my keys!  Let's not forget the fact that it is SO easy to find my keys with the large ring!  I went with the smooth leather O Ring in "Back in Black."  I like how classy it looks.  I am also dying to get a coordinating zippered card case to go on it!  Perfect for running errands.  If you are interested in getting a Big O key ring for yourself or one for school (think room and desk keys and even matching ID case!), I have a 20% off code for you.  I hope you'll take a minute to check out the Shop O Venture website!  So many styles to choose from!  For your exclusive 20% off coupon, click HERE. *affiliate* *sponsored* *ad*

Mr. Wheeler and I got in another bike ride last week.  It was hot but we made it 20 miles.  We both love riding our bikes!

 My "Back to School Snapshot" assessment pack for First Grade got a huge face-lift last week!  Click the cover below to grab the update (if you own this already).  If you don't, I highly recommend you checking it out!  It helps with figuring out where your kids are when they come to you in the fall!

A follower of my Instagram page (find me @mrswheeler44) recently shared this photo with me of her using my "Early Finisher Board."  I absolutely love how she has it organized!  She has everything out and then the choice is displayed.  You all know that I am obsessed with my early finisher board!  This organization system is perfection with it!!!  I've linked it below in case you want to check it out!

Have a great day!


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