Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Fundations Phonics Games

I just finished my second year using the Wilson Fundations Phonics program.  If you are not familiar, Fundations is a multi-sensory and systematic Phonics, Spelling, and Handwriting program that benefits all students in grades kindergarten through third.  Up until two years ago, I had never taught Phonics using a systematic approach.  *I have been teaching first grade for 15 years.*  My teammates and I had the freedom to do whatever we wanted with Phonics, and we thought we had a good system in place, but seeing the gains our kids have made by using Fundations, I now know that our system wasn't what was best for kids.  I truly believe now that explicit, systematic Phonics instruction is what kids need.  That being said, I wanted some additional materials to support what I was already doing in class with the Fundations program.  

My kids have a 20-25 minute literacy center time that I used to fill with thematic practice activities.  However, those activities no longer aligned with our new Phonics program.  Last summer, I began creating activity, or game packs, to coincide with the Level 1 (aka first grade) Fundations program.  There are 13 packs in all, each containing several games/activities and between one-three sentence scrambles.  Most games/activities have coordinating recording sheets to go with them.  I used these packs all year last year and let me tell you:  these games are a GAME CHANGER!!!  Because they directly go with what I am teaching in class, the kids are able to complete them in their small groups independently.  They rarely need any support from me.  Having these meaningful activities for them to work on allows me to pull small groups and work on Guided Reading or RTI.  I am so looking forward to using them again for the upcoming school year!  

Do you use Fundations?  If so, I highly recommend you check this bundle out.  Don't want to spend the money on the whole bundle at once?  No problem.  Each unit is available for individual purchase, as well.  Summer is a fantastic time to print, laminate, and prep these activities.  You will thank yourself in the fall if you do so! 

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