Monday, March 18, 2019

Sunday 6 March 17, 2019

Hello and Happy (belated) St. Patrick's Day!  I had every intention of this post going live yesterday, but I was SICK and didn't do much of anything yesterday.  Shocker.  I've basically been sick since January.  Moving on.  Here's a peek back at my week!
 This lemon loaf tea is TO DIE FOR.  Have you tried it?  It's by Tazo and is outstanding.  It tastes like a legit piece of lemon bread.  I picked it up at Target but you can grab it on Amazon (BULK)  by clicking below.  You'll want it in bulk after you take one sip of it, trust me! 

I made a new product, an early finisher board!  I have been using this for about a week now and am in love!  I printed the board and cards and laminated them.  I attached a piece of Velcro to the board as well as the back of the cards.  I hung the board on my whiteboard with a magnet.  Each day, I select a new early finisher activity.  The kids look at see what is up there and that is what they do when they finish their work early.  No more scrambling around the room or asking, "What can I do?"  The directions are clear and the expectation is set.  I created several, basic options for early finisher activity cards.  *I also included an editable card for you to make your own.  Grab this board below! 

I got a new rug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  EEK!  So exciting!  My rug was destroyed and nasty.  Details coming soon on what my new rug looks like and where you can get one!

I am heading to the beach for spring break very soon!!!  Woo Hoo!  I picked up a new perfume and hat to take with me!  The perfume is so good!  Smells amazing.  I got it at Sephora.

I discovered an amazing iced coffee combination.  It's shown below.  The only thing that's missing is 1 packed of Stevia.  Add a ton of ice, and enjoy.  This is such a delicious drink and just 60 calories.  Much better than a typical Starbucks order!  I got both items below at Target.

Mr. Wheeler moved offices over the weekend!  I helped him decorate on Saturday night and a bit on Sunday, too.  I think his new place looks great!  

Have a great week!

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Sunday 6 March 10

Hello and welcome to another Sunday 6!  Last week I didn't get my post up!  Not exactly sure why because we didn't do a whole lot during the weekend!  Anyways, here is this week's Sunday 6!  If you are new here, Sunday 6 is a re-cap of 6 things from my week...they could be personal or school-related.  Enjoy!

Sickness is everywhere.  Just about everyone in my class has had Flu A, strep, or an ear infection over the past two weeks.  I was out Wednesday-Friday because of a sinus infection that I have had for 8 WEEKS.  I've been on 4 antibiotics, been to the dr. twice, and the Minute Clinic once.  I can't shake it.  This last week, I completely lost my voice from it and could not teach.  Needless to say I have been wiping down everything every day and asking my subs to do the same.  Praying to be healthy for spring break, which is just 3 weeks away.  Lots to do in between now and then!

I spend a lot of time on my phone and computer.  I decided to take the plunge and order some blue-light blockers.  I got these off Amazon.  I am hoping they will help me with all the headaches I get.  The link to them is below in case you want to try them.  They came with a nice case, pouch, and cleaning cloth.  Do I look more intelligent with my glasses on?  Hahaha! 

I updated my FREE Reading Strategy Posters last weekend.  Sidebar:  I am slowlllly updating all of my products in my TpT shop.  I began selling 2011 and have updated some things, but not all.  It takes a lot of time to update something!  You can grab the update to these strategy posters by clicking the cover below.  I like how they turned out!  *There are 3 size options for this freebie!

I started working with Brooklyn from Teachers Gone Strong about 3 weeks ago.  I reached out to her because I had been having a very hard time losing weight.  I workout A LOT (lift weights 3-4x per week, attend CycleBar, and also jog/run).  I don't eat badly.  I have had my hormones checked and they were fine.  Something wasn't adding up.  Brooklyn suggested that maybe I wasn't eating enough for the amount of working out I was doing.  So she developed a macro plan for me.  Macors are basically carbs, fat, and protein.  Marcos are calculated based on your activity level, age, sex, etc...Brooklyn gave me my numbers and I started counting.  Let's just say the first few days were ridiculous.  I felt like all I was doing was EATING!!!!!!!!!!  It took about a week and half/two weeks for me to get used to all the eating.  Now, it's no big deal.  The biggest things I am shocked about three weeks into this are as follows:  
  • I am NEVER hungry.  That's because the foods I eat are high in protein and keep me full.  In addition, I am eating the right things and the proper amount of them.  
  • I do not crave sweets at night like I used to.  Like ever.  How is that even possible?!?!?!  
  • I have lost 5 lbs.  Brooklyn said not to expect immediate results, and I didn't; I am not one to do fad diets or any diet for that matter.  I refuse to do them.  I just prefer a healthy lifestyle with moderation.  I am blown away that I lost 5 lbs so quickly.  *Note: results may vary depending on the individual.
  • I can still eat what I want and/or go out to eat!  I am still going to Starbucks to order my delicious drinks; however, now I order a "slimmed-down" version of them.  I really like following @themacrobarista on Instagram.  He has tons of Starbucks drinks lightened up and has calculated the macros for you.  I had pizza last weekend.  Not some cauliflower crust junk; legit PIZZA.  I eat a piece of chocolate after lunch every day.  All of this and I have still lost weight.  My point being: everything is ok in moderation and if it fits into my macros for the day.  If I know I will be eating out, I look ahead at the menu and make plans.  I am a planner so that's no problem for me!  
  • This is sustainable.  I can see me doing this for a very, very long time.  I am pleased with the results.  I am eating very well.  

If you are someone looking for nutrition or exercise help, I encourage you to reach out to Brooklyn.  She is HER OWN BOSS; no multi-level marketing for her.  She has a passion for nutrition and fitness and works mainly with teachers.  You can visit her website HERE.  Tell her I sent you! 

Here is a sample breakfast I make sometimes: 

Here is me early into the program chugging milk at 9pm at night.  Counting macros takes some adjusting and this was before I had the hang of it!  Tip:  get your protein in early in the day to avoid night-time milk-chugging!  Hahaha! 

Can you believe my teammates and I (missing one teammate) all showed up in the same outfit one day?  We didn't even plan it.  #vibes 

In addition to updating my products, I have been making some new ones!  I have a few new Math games in my store.  They are addition and subtraction board games.  Each one is called "Race To ___" something.  A fun theme makes any game more exciting, right?   More to come on them later, but you can check them all out by clicking HERE.  Below is "Race to Camp," which focuses on addition with sums up to 10.  

Have a great week!  I am hoping I will be healthy for next week's Sunday 6.  Please pray for me!


Saturday, March 9, 2019

Weekly Centers February 27

Hello!  I am a bit behind with my weekly centers blog post.  And to be honest, we didn't get to centers much at all last week because my student teacher had to film herself teaching for three days (It's a requirement in Ohio) and our schedule was all crazy!  Nonetheless, here are the centers we worked on last two weeks (which really should only have taken us one week).  I'll be back again Wednesday to share the centers we are working on next week!  Everything is linked for you below.

Stamping with Blends I use the Wilson Fundations Phonics Program to teach Phonics.  It's seriously amazing!  However, I want my kids to have some additional practice with the skills they are learning in class.  Last summer, I created a giant game/activity bundle to go with the first grade Fundations program.  This stamping page is from the bundle, as are many of my centers.  I have each unit, or chapter of my Fundations games listed in my store separately, but I also have them bundled to save you money and time.  I'm listing the bundle for you below.

The stamp pads and stamps that I use for any type of stamping activity are listed below.  Lakeshore truly has the best ink pads (in my opinion).  They are pricey, but well worth it.  They are washable and they don't dry out.  I got my abc stamps from Amazon years ago (link below).

Please Note: *This file is an independent product and is not affiliated with, nor has it been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by Wilson Language Training Corporation. Wilson®, Wilson Reading System®, Fundations®, Just Words®, and Wilson Fluency® are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of the Wilson Language Training Corporation.

Listening Center:  I love the listening center and so do my students!  It's great for them to hear fluent reading!  It's also important that they hear/read books for enjoyment.  We talk at them so much each day.  The listening center is a MUST in every K-2 classroom!  We enjoyed listening to There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Clover.  After students listen to the story, they complete a simple recording sheet, which is just having them write the title and drawing a picture of their favorite part.  The report is a *freebie* in my store and is linked below.

Blends Board Game:  As mentioned above, I do use many games/activities from my Fundations activity/game pack.  This is another activity from that pack.  The kids played  this "Read and Race" board game to practice their blends.  Don't use Fundations, but looking for blends activities???  Click HERE to check out my blends pack!!  

Spring Rhyming:  This is a new product of mine.  I have a rhyming activity for each season as well as a bundle of all of them to save you time and money.  For this center, kids matched the rhyming cards in a pocket chart and completed the recording sheet by writing the rhyming words side by side.  They also colored the pictures. 

Sentence Scramble Again, working from our Unit 9 Fundations game/activity pack.  This is a sentence scramble.  Each week, we have a sentence scramble center.  I have a black pocket chart that stays up on the wall all year (with Command Hooks) and the kids do their scrambles over there.  Once they unscramble the sentences, they write them on the provided paper.  *The Fundataions scrambles are great, because all words are 100% decodable to that point in the year or they are sight words. 

PS: Here's a common question I get asked: Do I grade center work?  No I do not.  I don't even look at it because I am meeting with a small group at my table.  The kids know they better be working and their work better look nice.  If not, they stay in from recess the following day to do it correctly.  It's rarely a problem.  #highexpectations


Thursday, March 7, 2019

St. Patrick's Day

Hi!  Today's post is all about some of my favorite St. Patrick's Day activities!!!  These are activities that I typically do throughout the month of March.  I hope you find some new ideas!  I will link everything.  You can access each product by clicking on their corresponding cover pages.  Enjoy!  

Shamrock Floats: This is hands down my favorite thing to do with my kids on or around St. Patrick's Day!  All you need are cups, spoons, straws, lime sherbet, Sprite, and whipped cream/cherries.  The last two ingredients are optional.  Some years I use them, some years I don't!  We like to write about the steps to make the floats prior to making them.  Super fun!!!!

St. Patrick's Day Mini-Book:  I love using a mini-book on/around a holiday.  It's also a great excuse to get our markers out!  This St. Patrick's Day book is perfect for giving kids a quick and age-appropriate explanation of the holiday.  You can snag it by itself or grab my bundle of all my holiday mini-books.

Silly McGilly:  Sometimes this silly fellow makes an appearance (similar to the Christmas elf who comes by in December)!  I typically only put Silly out the day of St. Patrick's Day, but you can definitely do it longer!!  He can play tricks on the class or leave them treats.

Loopy Leprechauns: This is such a cute little craft!  It's also super-simple!  The craft patterns are FREE from The First Grade Parade.  *She includes a writing page, but I made my own since I like my kids to have a mid-line.  When we do this craft, I like to read "Lucky Tucker," which is a cute book you can order below.

Tissue Paper Rainbows: This is my top 2 favorite craft of the year (Thanksgiving Pilgrims are #1)!  These rainbows make a cheery display and can stay up all spring.  The making of them is also excellent fine motor practice!  To make, cut squares (or below) rainbow colors of tissue paper.  Place into baskets.  Print the pattern for the rainbow, simply Google "rainbow" picture or "rainbow pattern."  I can not share mine because it's from a Mailbox Magazine book years ago and sharing it would be copyright infringement.  Kids begin by coloring their rainbow with appropriate colors of crayons or makers.  Next, they add the tissue squares, one at a time, with the eraser end of a new pencil.  The goal is to have them make their rainbows really full...the fuller the better!  Let dry.  Cut out rainbows (I usually cut them for the kids).  Hang up for a beautiful display!!

Skittles Treats:  I always give my kids these treats!  You can buy a big bag of Skittles or buy snack sized bags and slap my free labels on them!  These are always on the kids' desks on St. Patrick's Day morning.

Leprechaun Number Grid: This was purchased off TPT.  I am not exactly sure who it is from, but click HERE to check a bunch of different ones out!!! 

St. Patrick's Day Centers: The week of St. Pat's, we will be having all St. Patty's Day centers!   The two shown below (not the listening center, obviously) are part of my "Leprechaun Pack" that I linked at the top of this post.

Green BINGO:  This is super old.  I have no idea where I got it, but click HERE to look at some other options for St. Patrick's Day BINGO!!!  

We also play "St. Patrick's Day I Have, Who Has!"  This is a great game!  Perfect for building vocabulary.  I have this available for individual purchase or as part of a bundle with all my holiday "I Have, Who Has" games.