Tuesday, March 14, 2023

St. Patrick's Day Ideas

Hello from a snow day in Ohio (yes, on March 14th)!  I'm here with a few, last minute St. Patrick's Day ideas for you.  I hope you find some things you can use!  Enjoy.

First up is a rainbow craft.  For years, my students completed this tissue paper rainbow craft.  It takes a long time but turns out so cute, and is perfect to leave up all spring!  This year, I transitioned to a tear-art rainbow...much quicker and just as cute!

On St. Patrick's Day (or close to), we love doing a procedural writing about how to make a shamrock float!  Of course, our writing isn't complete without actually having a yummy drink!  Grab my  best-selling pack by clicking the cover below.

A fan-favorite is reading about how to catch a leprechaun, and then of course, having students write about how they would catch one!  Grab the Leprechaun Literacy pack by clicking the cover below!

Here's a fun leprechaun craft!  The idea is from Cara Carroll.  Grab the patterns HERE.

Who doesn't love a mini-book?  This St. Pat's one is perfect for searching for sight/trick words and reading together.  St. Pat's is usually near the end of our 3rd quarter, so I like to pass this out for coloring while I do my end of quarter assessments.  Click the cover below to grab this!

I love leaving a little something on my kids' desks on St. Patty's Day.  These Skittles tags are a great treat.  Buy individual bags or bag your own and purchase bulk!  I also love the little cards with a chocolate or plastic gold coin!

I Have, Who Has
 is a fantastic game for a brain break, or to incorporate into your "Morning Meeting" time.  I have so many of these games in my store.  I've linked them all below for you.  Click the cover to snag the St. Pat's one or the bundle.

Literacy Center time is so important to my students and I.  It gives them the opportunity to work collaboratively with their peers, and provides me a block of time to work with a small group for intervention.  Typically, our centers are Fundations Phonics based, but the week of a holiday, I like to incorporate a few thematic centers!  I have some St. Patrick's Day centers, which are shown below.  

For Math, we love completing thematic number grid pictures.  Rainbow Bump is another favorite for Math.

Here's a cute little "Lucky Dog" craft that includes a writing page.  Grab it below!

These leprechaun directed drawings are always so creative!  Just "Google" to find which one you like.  

You can't go wrong with St. Patty's Day BINGO!   I love using thematic mini erasers for this.  Linked below for you.



Sunday, February 12, 2023

Valentine's Day Ideas

 Hey friends!  It's almost Valentine's Day!  I'm here to share a few ideas with you.  Hope you can find something to snag for the upcoming holiday!

Party Pack-This is one of my favorite Valentine's Day resources!  It's a party pack containing everything (minus treats, of course!) you'll need to plan a simple Vday party.  Some of the stations/activities included are: Valentine BINGO, friendship notes/pictures, candy heart Math, and MORE!  Take the stress out of planning a party with this pack!

Click the cover to grab this pack!

Valentine's Day Books-
Check out my Amazon storefront, which has a special area called "Picture Books."  I have linked many of my favorite picture books to use as read-alouds in class!

I Have, Who Has-
It's a fast-paced and favorite game that helps build vocabulary.  We love playing it during Morning Meeting!

Click the cover to grab this game!

Valentine's Day Centers-I love using my Fundations: Level 1 activity pack for centers, but when there is a holiday approaching, I sprinkle in some thematic activities!  Shown below is a Valentine's Day Verb Match.  

Click the cover below to grab this verb matching center 
(nouns and adjectives match included, too!)

Art Projects-Been making this Valentine bee for many years and it's a favorite!  Grab it HERE.

The Valentine lovebug is also super cute!  Grab it HERE.

"____ loves _____ to pieces!" Tear Art-This is a super fun and easy craft to do on or around Valentine's Day!  Kids fill in the lines with their name and the name of their school.  Provide pink, red, purple, and white paper for kids to tear up (hello, fine motor practice!).  They use the torn paper to fill in the heart.  Easy-peasy!  

Click the cover to grab this FREE art project!

Valentine Bags-We love decorating Valentine bags using stickers, foam pieces, and Ellison cutouts!  It's cost-effective and quick.   I use white gift bags (linked HERE) from Amazon, but white lunch bags work, too.  The handles on the gift bags make for easy transport on the bus!