Sunday, December 10, 2023

Inexpensive Student Gift Ideas

Good morning, friends!  We are knee-deep in all things HOLIDAY!  I'm wrapping up (literally) my Christmas to-do list this weekend.  On Friday, I stayed after school to assemble my kids' Christmas presents and I thought I'd share what I am giving this group of kids.  Each year, I try to think of something simple and thoughtful that doesn't break the bank.  Teachers spend enough on their classrooms/students throughout the year!  This year, I wanted my budget to be between $30-$40.  I was able to make that happen!  

Scholastic Book: "How to Catch a Gingerbread Man"--I used my bonus points, which I save throughout the year to get these for free.

Pencils and Erasers: Purchased two sets of each from The Dollar Tree.

Gingerbread Erasers: These were leftover from a Kindergarten Crate subscription.

Snowman Soup Hot Chocolate Bags: Purchased a bulk box of Swiss Miss from Costco last year and had plenty extra for this year's class, as well.  Marshmallows were around $1.50.  I only needed one bag.  Mini candy canes were around $3.00.  You can find free labels on TPT; just search "Snowman Soup Tags."

Christmas Plush: Grabbed these at The Dollar Tree.  My teammate gave them to her students last year and I thought they were so cute.  At $1.25 each x 20, they were my biggest expense.

Poly Mailers: Many years ago, I stopped wrapping presents for my students.  I got the poly mailer idea off of Instagram (from A Teeny Tiny Teacher) and never looked back.  I buy these in bulk every few years.  Grab yourself some HERE and enjoy the convivence of this!  

In years past, I've done Holiday Tic-Tac-Toe Boards with holiday mini erasers as the game pieces.  I've also given homemade crayons, trinket/treat bags, coloring books, personalized bookmarks, and personalized, homemade dry erase boards.  

Please know that whatever you decide to give your students, they will love!!




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