Sunday, August 21, 2022

Magic Playdough

Magic Play Doh is a fun first day/first week activity to do with your students.  You can either make homemade doh (more time consuming, obviously!) or purchase pre-made doh (see affiliate link HERE).  *You want your dough to be white/cream.  Roll balls with the dough.  Add a few drops of food coloring inside (see affiliate link HERE).  Place the balls inside of individual baggies.  Staple copies of my free poem to the bags.  Read the poem together as a class.  *There is a large size of the poem included in my download.  Pass out the bags of dough and have your students squish the balls.  I recommend having them squish the balls inside of the bag until the food coloring mixes into the dough.  The kids love the element of surprise with the colors that appear in their dough!  So much fun!  Grab the free printable by clicking the cover image below!

Have a colorful year!


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