Monday, June 27, 2022

Sign Language Decoding

Hi, friends and happy summer!  It's been a great summer so far over in my neck of the woods...relaxation, traveling, and seeing family and friends.  I love the slow pace of summer.  I've spent some of my days working on products (which is something very common for me!).  One product I've created is "Sign Language Words."  This was actually created in 2020, but I never blogged about it or shared it much.  My kids have had so much fun with this during literacy centers the past two years, I decided I needed to spread the word!  

The skills I have the sign language activities for are: cvc words, digraph words, and silent e words. More will most likely be added in the future.

Each set has 20 cards ANDDDDDDDD TWO DIFFERENT ACTIVITIES, for a total of 40 cards/words.  You get two centers in one!  To prep the activity, print a few copies of the sign language alphabet chart.  Print and laminate the set of cards you want.  Print the recording sheet.  Throw all materials in a center tub and wait for the fun!  This center keeps kids engaged and they love "decoding" the sign language to figure out the words!  

Buy and prep now, thank yourself during the upcoming school year!  



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