Thursday, September 13, 2018

Scholastic Books--A Great Idea for You!

Earlier this summer, I saw a fabulous post by someone on Facebook about Scholastic Books.  I can't credit where it came from because I saw it multiple places.  I modified the post a bit and posted it on my own Facebook wall.  This is what my post said:

"Tomorrow I meet my kids! School begins on Wednesday. 📚 I don’t know about you, but I remember bringing home Scholastic book orders and being so excited to pick out a book or even several books! As a teacher, I still love looking through them. Also, seeing my students excited about reading and picking out books is awesome. However, the majority of my students can’t afford to purchase these books to take home and call their own. I saw an idea from a friend that I thought sounded cool. Would you be willing to sponsor a child in my room so they can get a new book of their own every month? Scholastic offers a different book each month for $1. I’d love to order every student in my class a new book for the next 10 months. If you are interested, you can write a check to Scholastic Book Clubs and mail/PayPal/give it to me. I would love to have the opportunity to do this for my students!! Thank you so much for your support. I know each of my students will be so excited and truly appreciate your kindness! ❤️"

When I saw this idea, I knew it was something I wanted to do!  I teach in a high-poverty, TITLE I school.  One of my biggest if not my number one goal as an elementary teacher is to help my students develop a love for reading.  I do this through allocating time for multiple read-alouds every day, a dedicated "Self-Selected Reading" time for 25-30 minutes every day, setting up a listening center that the kids all visit 1x per week, and through providing my students a beautiful classroom library to peruse.  In addition, I send home a Scholastic Books order form each month.

Although I send home book orders every month, most months I only have 1 or 2 orders, which usually each total under $10.  I remember as a kid LOVING the Scholastic book orders!  I had it real good, because my mom was a 4th grade teacher and always let me pick books out.  I have always wanted to share the joy that is Scholastic Books with my students, but never knew how.  As soon as I posted the above words on my FB wall, so many people began commenting that they wanted to donate!  I was so happy and surprised!  I actually got more than I was even hoping for!  For those who sent me checks, I simply deposited all of the money into my Scholastic Books account.  I divided my grand total up by 10 (for 10 months of school) and that told me how much I can spend each month.  Each month, I will continue to send orders home with families.  In addition, I will place an order myself, where I select 18 books that are between $1-$2.  Then, every month, ALL of my kids will get a FREE book...regardless of whether their families ordered for them!!!  Isn't that fabulous!?  Also, a family member reminded me of the bonus points I will earn each month on top of this!  More free books for the kids!  Hooray!  

I placed my first order in August and here are all the $1-$2 books I got!  I'll be distributing them next week!  

I had to share this idea with you in case you want to try it.  I bet if you do, you'll be amazed at how many generous friends/family members donate!  



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