Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Christmas Party???

I don't know about you but the class Christmas party stresses me out!!!  When I first started teaching, anytime parents would come in for the holiday "parties," the kids would be NUTS!  I couldn't stand it!  After a few years, I stopped inviting the parents in and did the parties myself.  Fast forward to about 11 years in and I decided I was tired of running around like a maniac during the party, so I went back to having parents come in.

Last year, I decided to invite several parents in and set up stations for a party and let me tell you......it was a HIT!!!!!!  I had the following stations going: reindeer food and reindeer craft, holiday BINGO, a Math game, kindness notes, icing a cookie and how-to essay writing, and kindness notes. The kids were placed into small groups and rotated around the room.  Each station had a parent volunteer. Glorious!!!!

The kids, volunteers, and I all had an absolute BLAST!  I will never go back to having the party on my own!  To get the activities shown above, click below!



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I do the same rotation thing but I have the parents plan the stations. I just tell them 2 crafts, 2 games, and a snack. I don't have to do anything! It works like a dream!!

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I used this rotation this year after 15 years of having a Christmas breakfast. I can't tell you how much the kids, the parents and I loved this. Thanks so much for the great packet!

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