Saturday, July 4, 2015

Five for Friday 7.3.15

Hi, friends!  It's time for another Five for Friday!  It's actually 12:04 a.m. right now so it's technically Saturday.......I'm pooped so I am keeping this short and sweet!

I re-did my crate seat cushions/fabric, as I do every summer.  This year I went with my favorite color-yellow!  It's super simple.  I just use a flat screwdriver to remove the old staples.  I take one board with me to the craft store and get new foam and fabric to fit.  **Tip: use upholstery's much thicker and will hold up better than regular cotton.  To re-cover, I wrap the board up like a present and staple around the edges.  I also staple a thick piece of ribbon to one side {in a loop} to make a little handle.  Finally, I spray the seat with Scotch Guard to protect the fabric from stains.  I love having these storage crates/seats!  They are perfect at my computer desks. To see the full directions of how to make these, click's a post from 2012.

I finished up another unit in my Guided Reading Bundle!  I completed Level F.  I decided I had to get crackin' on laminating Level E because I was behind.  I spent a few hours cutting and laminating this week.  My wrist is thanking me for it today...

To check out my bundle, click the cover below.  If you want to check out the Level F pack individually, you can click that cover below, as well.  It features bossy r, sentence types/punctuation, syllables, and inference.

I read my first book for enjoyment this summer, Where We Belong by Emily Giffin.  I LOVE her books.  I have read all of them!  You should totally check them out if you haven't read them!  You can see what other books I'll be reading by clicking HERE!

My hubby and I had a fun day of shopping and eating Friday.  We hit up The Container Store!!  I ended up with a few things, which I forgot to photograph.  I got a little cart to help store my guided reading materials and a few other small desk things.  I only spent $24!  I'd say that's a win, right? 

Last Saturday, I attended a Cincinnati Blogger Meet-Up, hosted by Jenny at Luckeyfrog's Lilypad and Em from Curious Firsties.  This was the second annual event and it was great!  I like these events because they are small and you actually get to talk to people and get to know them.  The theme was "mystery" and Jenny and Em had it themed out perfectly!  We each brought a small gift and did a gift exchange.  I got a cute pencil set and notepad/clipboard.  I also won a coffee cup and Starbucks gift card, which I have already spent!  #darnyousummer

Here are a few photos:

Have a great 4th!  Don't forget to stop by the blog Sunday for Shark Week!  Lots of freebies from great bloggers!



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How did you only spend $24 ? I feel like the fee for breathing their organized and delightful air is at least 8 or 9 dollars!? Lol :) Happy 4th!

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