Thursday, April 24, 2014


Since we returned from spring break, we've been diving into some Geometry! I always love teaching this! So many fun activities to go along with it!  We started with attributes and did a lot of fun activities!  I didn't take any pictures of our fun, so you will just have to check them out in my Geometry Pack at the end of this post.  Read carefully because there are lots of activities listed in this post!  Many of which are from various sellers.

Once kids were secure with attributes, we worked on/reviewed identifying 2D shapes.  I love Harry Kindergarten's "2D Shapes I Know" video, so we watched that.  Every day.  I also introduced 2D shape vocab cards.  I plop them in a mini-pocket chart and the kids refer to them all the time throughout our study. I wanted a fun way for kids to construct their polygon shapes and I had a ton of toothpicks, so we made some 2D shapes with them.  It got a little messy, but no biggie when learning is at stake, right!?

One other activity that I love to do is Cheryl from Primary Graffiti's "Shape Monsters!"  The kids have a blast making their monsters.   After we finished making our monsters, the kids had to write about what shape they made and tell how many sides and corners it had as well as something in real life that is the same shape. I think the real-world connection is important! Click the picture below for the free writing paper.

Clearly we need to review magic! 
Next we were ready to tackle 3D shapes.  I began with introducing each shape.  I have the wooden block ones...We talked about  the shapes and practiced saying their names.  We also brainstormed ideas for things that are those shapes in real life and wrote them on a chart.  Harry Kindergarten has a great video for 3D shapes!!!  We also watched a Brain Pop Jr. on solid figures.

We read a poem from Lil Country Kindergarten.  We also made mini-books of 3D shapes.  The kids loved these!  I loved how they all came up with different sentences for their shapes!

We did my free 3D Shape Sort!  The kids love seeing the real-world pictures!  They are always surprised at some of the cards!

We also made figures with gum drops and toothpicks!  We completed a recording sheet to go with our figures.

We also made some shapes into new shapes on our Geo boards.  My teammate found this sweet interactive Geo board!!!  I just put it up on my projector and it served as a great visual during our lesson!

We played First Grade a la Carte's "Spring Planting" Geometry board game as a review...perfect for spring and Earth Day!  The best part of all?  It's free!

We spent about two weeks on these {simply because we had time and could}.  This week, we're digging deeper and using 2D shapes to create new shapes.  I love these little "Creating Shapes" task cards from Kindergarten Nerd Herd.  The kids had a blast figuring out the puzzles!  Click the cover picture to check them out.

Lots of things mentioned in the above post are available in my Geometry unit.  Check it out!  It's on sale for a few days!



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Where did yo get the shape booklet and the shapes for the shape monster? I would love to get them.
Eileen Boyle

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This post was so helpful! I love all of your ideas and links. I'll be using most of these in my classroom. Thanks!!

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Thank you for sharing some great ideas...i can't wait to try them out!

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Are you building shapes task cards free? I couldn't find the link.

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