Sunday, October 1, 2017

Pen Tips, Giveaway, and Freebie

Let's face it: Colorful pens are up there on every teacher's list. We use them for grading, note-taking, lists, and more!  We have a stash in our desk, one in our bag, and let's not forget a stash at home!! We can never have too many, right?  My personal favorite pens are Paper Mate Flair Pens.  I love how smooth they write.  I also love a thicker pen, and these do the trick for that! I enjoy the variety of colors and the "special edition" sets that Paper Mate makes.  

While using colorful pens is fun for us as teachers, they can also be EXTRA fun for kids!  Here are a few ideas of how you can use colorful pens in your classroom:

Set up a Writing Center with colored containers and writing tools sorted by colors.  You can use empty soup cans covered with construction paper for a budget-friendly set up.  Click here for the source of this image. 

Colorful pens would be a great addition to a classroom V.I.P. area!  When do kids ever get to use pens in elementary school!?! Here's a picture of mine in action below.  The kids LOVE being the V.I.P.!  Click here to read more about V.I.P.

Allow students to use pens for in-class work "every now and then."  Weekly Spelling practice is a great way to work this in. Can we say "Rainbow Writing?!"  Using pens for Kindness/Friendship notes is another simple way to add some fun!  

**Click the Rainbow Spelling page below to snag it!**

Let's just take a moment to enjoy these photographs of pens in all their glory!!! Sources listed below each image.


(And if you feel like giving a fun gift to a teammate or teacher friend, check out this freebie!)  Click here to grab the tag!

I am joining some of my friends with a WE LOVE SUPPLIES Giveaway. 
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  1. Flair pens are my absolute favorite! Thank you for all of the ideas and the freebie!


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