Saturday, April 30, 2016


This past week, we learned about synonyms.  The kids really grasped the concept by mid-week!  I am excited to see them start using synonyms in their writing during Writing Workshop!  Below are a few of the activities we did.  There are also some FREEBIES for you!

My "Levels J-K" guided reading pack has a lot of synonym activities in it.  The poster below is one of the goodies in it.  See it HERE. 

This is a cute anchor chart that I thought about making.  Click HERE to see it on Pinterest.

We watched THIS video clip/song each day.  Warning:  It gets stuck in your head!

We did a whole-group sort one day where we honed in on a few words and added some synonyms for them.  This display will remain up for the remainder of the year.  The kids use it during Writing Workshop.  You can do this with any list of words!  I tried to pick common ones for mine.

 Here's a close up from a past year.

We read a few books and practiced saying sentences orally with Lakeshore's shades of meaning word fans.  These are also excellent for Writing Workshop!

A few years ago, we made sunny synonyms.  The kids wrote a word in the middle and wrote synonyms for it around it.  You can get the free sun printable HERE.  Warning:  This was made as one of my first products!  Back in 2012 I think!  Don't judge!

For Literacy Centers, we practiced matching cheese to mice.  The cutouts were from Dollar Tree several years ago.  Grab the free labels and recording sheet HERE.  

We partnered up and did this match from Anna Brantley.  I tried to find it for you but couldn't.  I downloaded it years ago and I'm sure it was free.

We did a quick cut and paste from Lavina Pop.  You can get it HERE for free by downloading the preview of her product.

Hope you found some new ideas to add to your bag of tricks!


Mochamom said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I am a speech therapist. I have several groups of kids working on social/interpresonal skills. One thing that we work on is using emotion words other than happy, sad, and mad. I love the created visuals on your walls that were not just lists of words.

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