Monday, September 1, 2014

Parent Contact Log

I remember back when I first started teaching, I would try to keep track of all the parent contact I had.  We all know that the first year of teaching is a blur!  Just trying to teach is plenty, let alone tracking parent calls/meetings!  Each year since then, I would think about how I could track the contacts.  Last year I came up with a parent contact folder.  I use a cheap, 3-prong folder and copy the parent contact log for the number of students I have.  I write each student's name on a page in the log.  I keep my log near my phone and computer.  It reminds me to make a few phone calls each week.  Although most of my calls are for behavior, I like to make good phone calls, too!  This helps build rapport with parents and kids alike.  For a free copy of the contact log, click the "Formula for a Good Year" image below!

How do you track parent contact?

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  1. Thank you! I like your idea about starting with a page for each student, especially because I am required to have a record a "positive" contact once each quarter.


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