Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Five Finger Retell

In first grade, most of my reading time with my kids is spent on decoding.  Comprehension is very important, as well, but we don't always have a ton of time after a read-aloud to talk in detail about it.  For those 'on the fly' moments, I like to do a quick 5-finger retell after I read a story to my class.  I also have my students in my guided reading group do one after they complete a book.   I wanted to make a visual to help my students become familiar with this concept.  I created these posters in multiple sizes you can select the ones you want for your class.  There are small posters included that you can send home with parents and larger ones you can display in your room.   For a homemade approach, use hand cutouts, a Sharpie, and large craft sticks!  *I use those at times, too!*



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