Sunday, February 28, 2021

March Ideas

Hi and Happy March!  Today's post is a compilation of some ideas of things for the month of March.  This is such a busy time of year for teachers, and I thought putting together my favorite activities would help you plan out your month.  Enjoy!

Art Projects

I love a good art project!  March allows for so many fun art projects!  Bring on the rainbows, leprechauns, and pots of gold!  One of my favorite projects is the tissue paper rainbow project.  It takes a very long time but the result is amazing!  This is a wonderful activity for practicing fine motor skills.  Kids start with a rainbow template paper, a new pencil (unsharpened), a paper plate of liquid glue, and a pile of tissue paper squares.  I like to purchase pre-cut tissue squares because they are all the same size and it saves me time.  Click the affiliate link below to grab a pack!  They begin the project by coloring the rainbow paper in order so they have a visual to help them with their tissue paper squares.  The coloring also helps hide any spots where tissue may get missed.  Next, they choose an arc/color to focus on.  One square at a time, kids pinch the tissue around the eraser part of the pencil.  They dip the tissue/pencil into their glue and lift it up.  Finally they place the tissue onto the arc, wait a few seconds, and lift the pencil out.  This will leave a 3D tissue "flower."  Continue this method, with tissue paper close together.  The finished product is so beautiful!  I love leaving these up from March until the end of the year.  The kids are always so proud of their finished work!

Tissue Paper Rainbows 

Loopy Leprechauns

These were found on Cara Carroll's page years ago and I have been making them since.  It comes with a little writing page but I made my own with a mid-line because I am crazy about that.  Hahaha!

Lucky Dog

I have a sentimental attachment to these!  My mom was a 4th grade teacher for 30 years.  She retired when I was in high school lol.  She had these patterns for a Valentine bear that her kids would always make.  When she retired, I kept a lot of her craft patterns because I have always known I've wanted to teach.  This "Lucky Dog" was one of the first TPT products I posted back in 2011.  It's quick, easy, and cute!  Grab it below.

Leprechaun Directed Drawing 

This was an idea I found from First & Kinder Blue Skies many years ago and have been doing it every year since.  I love that each leprechaun looks different!  

Festive Centers

During the month of March, I try to make a few of my weekly centers St. Patrick's Day.  I pull from my St. Patrick's Day Centers pack and supplement with other festive products in my TPT shop.  

Fun Treats

I love making "Shamrock Floats" with my kids!!  We do a procedural writing while making our floats and then enjoy drinking them together.  In addition, I give my kids a snack size bag of Skittles with a fun label (freebie in my TPT shop).  These are usually on their desks upon arrival on St. Patty's Day.

Leprechaun in the Classroom

Some years, I bring out a little plush leprechaun.  I got it with a book, Silly McGilly.  You can grab one by clicking HERE (affiliate link).  I do activities with the leprechaun....writing about how to catch him and doing some centers with a leprechaun theme.  

Games & Picture Books

We play a few games, like my St. Patrick's Day "I Have Who Has" game, "Rainbow Bump" by Sunny Days in Second, my St. Patrick's Day BINGO, and festive number grid pictures.  We read lots of St. Patrick's Day books.  Check out all my favorites in my Picture Books list on my Amazon storefront (affiliate links).



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