Sunday, September 13, 2020

Sunday 6

Good Morning and welcome to another Sunday 6!  The Sunday 6 is a weekly blog post where I share 6 random things from my week, both personal and professional.  I try to post Sunday 6 each week  during the school year.  Anything I mention will be linked.  Enjoy! 

I shared this tip on my Instagram page (@mrswheeler44) and people loved it!  This is something I have done for many years and has been a huge time-saver!  As I purchase bulletin board letters, I punch them all out.  *Big job, but the time spent in the beginning pays off...Once all letters are punched, I place each set of individual letters into a Ziploc bag and then place the bags into an accordian file that has alphabet letters on it.  *If you can't find one with letters,  you can always write the letters on the file with a Sharpie.  Once your letters are organized, you can spell out any saying for your bulletin boards in a jiffy!  

I've linked an organizer for you HERE.  You can also click the image of it below.  I love it because it comes with black, colored squares that you can write the alphabet letters on!  *affiliate link*

Speaking of good products, I recently got a new electric pencil sharpener.  Let me just say that it is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!  I had seen this sharpener before but never used it personally.  This purchase came with tons of recommendations from teachers on Instagram.  It was around $25 and well worth it.  Linking it HERE and you can also click the picture below to get yourself one.  *affiliate link*

I was finally able to get my specials schedule typed out and hung up!  I waited until the last second because things kept changing.  I love keeping a copy of this near my door and my desk.  I also send a copy home in my kids' take home folders for families.  Grab it below.  It's editable!!

Mr. Wheeler and I got in two bike rides last weekend, totaling about 55 miles.  We stopped off at two breweries on one of our rides.  It was a beautiful Labor Day weekend!!

I've been busy planning out how to make centers work this case you don't know, I am back teaching in person, in a hybrid model.  I have two groups of 8 students that come alternating days.  The kids aren't allowed to do anything "together" so I've figured out a way to make centers independent.  I'll be sharing that in the coming days.  One of the activities I prepped for independent centers is my "Play-Doh Alphabet Mats."  What 6 year old doesn't love Play-Doh?!  Grab the mats below!

My dad's birthday was last week, so Mr. Wheeler and I went to visit him and my mom.  We sat outside and had a "socially distanced" pizza party.  Needless to say, both my parents were thrilled that we came to celebrate!  

Have a great week!



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