Monday, August 19, 2019

Back to School With Vionic Shoes

I "kicked off" a new school year with a brand new pair of Vionic shoes!  Vionic shoes were created by a podiatrist named Phillip Vasyli.  Lucky for me (and anyone else who suffers from foot pain), Phillip created the "Orthaheel" orthotic, the world's first and only true orthotic available without a prescription.  

I have been wearing Vionic shoes for 5 years.  They are truly the only brand of shoes that I can wear.  I suffer from plantar fasciitis and heel spurs.  I also have Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis.  I have LOTS of foot problems.  Not a good thing for a first grade teacher and avid gym-goer.  

I remember having foot pain even as a child.  However, it became more severe into adulthood, specifically when I began teaching and exercising more.  I started to see a podiatrist many years ago. I began receiving injections in my feet due to my plantar fasciitis pain.  Needless to say, the injections were extremely painful.  It was also a hassle to continually have to go to a podiatrist.  My podiatrist recommended custom orthotic insoles for me.  However, they cost around $300 for one set and my insurance wouldn't cover them.  I began researching shoes that helped with foot pain, specifically plantar fasciitis.  Low and behold, I found Vionic!  I immediately ordered a pair of sandals and was SHOCKED.  I began wearing the sandals through my house and never went barefoot again.  I even ordered a pair of slippers.  I have had so many pair of Vionic through the years and have never been disappointed.  The quality is top-notch.   I am so thankful to to have comfortable shoes to wear to teach in.  Below are just a few things I love about Vionic:
  • They provide relief for my feet--no explanation necessary! 
  • They have a variety of colors/styles to choose from--I don't know about you, but when I think about "orthotic" shoes, I think clunky shoes that look like something a 90 year old would wear!  Vionic has broken that stigma!  I can't tell you how many compliments I receive about all of my shoes (remember I said I only wear Vionic?).  People are shocked when I tell them they are orthotic shoes.
  • Shipping is a flat $5.00--can't beat that!  
  • The 30 day wear test--Try your shoes for 30 days.  If they don't work for you, send them back.  Vionic will refund your money.
The "Reagan Mule" is a great pair of shoes for Fall and back to school season!  Aren't they beautiful?! 

When you are back to school shopping this year, I highly recommend that you check out Vionic and invest in a quality pair of shoes.  You can shop here online or find a retailer near you that sells Vionic.  Happy Shopping!!


**I was sent the "Reagan Mule" shoes by Vionic to try in exchange for this blog post.  However, I picked the shoes out, and have worn Vionic shoes for many years, as mentioned above.  All statements in this post are my own.  


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