Sunday, November 2, 2014

My Weekend & a Math Freebie!

Hello!  I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!  I am feeling refreshed because of the extra hour of sleep I got last night!  It's been a fun weekend so far.  I went to see my good friend and sorority sister, Ashley yesterday.  We met up for lunch and shopping!  It's always great fun!  When I walked outside for the day, this is what I saw:

Not shocking for Ohio at all, people, but STILL.  The wind was fierce.  Luckily I was able to find a parking spot close to the mall entrance!  Once inside, we ate at Panera.  I was SOOOO excited that my favorite soup of all time was baaackk!!!  It's called "Autumn Squash Soup" and it's phenomenal. Paired with a "Big Kid Grilled Cheese,"  it was heaven in my mouth.  You must try it if you haven't already!

So of course I spent way too much at the mall.  I found lots of goodies for my adorable niece! Christmas will be here soon, ya know!  And speaking of, I have been listening to my Spotify {complete with Christmas tunes} for a few weeks now.  I am also decorating my house today!  Early?  No way!  My nickname isn't Mrs. Claus for nothin'!  

I got up early today to do some blog posts and finish up a few products!  I know you are going to like them!  Keep your eye out on my store tonight for 2 new products!  In addition to my new products, I'd also like to share a fun Math freebie with you.  I found some rock/paper/scissors dice a few years ago at a little toy store in Michigan.  I got a few because I thought they would be great for my Math Take Home Game Bags.  We went back to Michigan two weeks ago and I bought a bunch more!  I decided to make one of my take home games free for you.  You can play the traditional way with hands or you can check Amazon for the dice!  Adding the dice is waayy cool {say my kids}!

Click below for the free recording sheets!

Have a great day!



Sarah said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Ah! Snow already! lol. I heard we are going to have another nasty winter. I am from Ohio, but now living in North Carolina and though we didn't get the snow, it was rainy and cold here all day yesterday.
You are lucky for being able to decorate early..I think my husband would have a heart attack if I broke out anything Christmas yet! ;)


Amy B said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Cute game!!! Love the snow, kinda, and I'm in love with your guided reading set!! You really are a genius :)

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